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8 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

Every business needs a copywriter. Big statement, I know.

Am I biased? Absolutely yes.

But I also 100% believe it’s true.

Copywriting = salesmanship. Every business sells something, whether it be an experience, a service, or a product. Copywriters know how to evoke the exact emotion in your customer that makes your offer irresistible.

Need convincing? Here are 8 reasons why you need to hire a copywriter for your business.

1. Time

This one’s simple: hiring a copywriter will free up some of your precious time.

Whether that gives you more time to focus on your business, or just more time to enjoy your morning coffee, hiring an expert copywriter is an easy way to take one of the many pressures off your shoulders.

2. Getting some perspective

I get it. You're an expert in your field. And that’s a good thing!

But sometimes you can be too expert and lose the ability to see your business from your customers perspective.

We’ve all met that person who may as well be speaking a different language when they talk about what they do and half of what they’re saying flies straight over your head.

Copywriters can describe your product or service in a simple way that your customer understands, not one that makes their head spin.

3. Everything comes back to your copy

You have a killer product, a brilliant social media strategy, the best course on the internet, and/or an absolutely kickass lead magnet. None of that matters if your website is full of dull copy, or even if just your headline is lacklustre (Copyblogger) .

Copywriters know how to optimise your copy so it no longer matters whether your customer reads every detail or only the headline, they’ll still be compelled to take an action.

4. A copywriter’s voice is whatever your business needs it to be.

Your brand voice is the voice that your brand speaks in, and it's unique to your business and to your target audience. Curating a brand voice is key for any new business, and even well-established businesses should re-visit their brand voice regularly.

Your voice needs to be consistent across any copy you have - from your website, to your social accounts, to your emails, newsletters, and beyond. Copywriters are writing chameleons and are able to write in any voice.

Added bonus: because copywriters are writing chameleons, they’re also a great resource for establishing your brand voice and writing your business a tone guide.

5. Your Competition

If they're the bane of your business life, then you probably haven't hit the right copy to set you apart from your competition.

Every product or service has a unique selling point, and it’s your copywriter’s job to find it and find the words to make that clear to your prospective customers.

6. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If 'SEO' doesn't mean anything to you, or if you struggle to keep up with the latest updates, then maybe it's time to hire someone who can let you forget about SEO altogether.

Copywriters keep up to date with all things SEO and web marketing.

And actually, SEO these days relies heavily on quality content. Websites that provide genuinely useful and valuable content are looked upon favourably by the increasingly savvy search engines.

Sure, you still need other optimisation techniques, but quality writing is a key component of SEO in 2020 (and probably beyond). Who better to deliver a well-rounded SEO strategy than a writer?

7. Copywriters are masters of non-salesy selling

In the words of Robert Collier (copywriting legend):

“We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.”

Copywriters assemble copy that truly speaks to your ideal customer, without making them feel like they’re being ‘sold to’.

8. Research, research, research

I have an unpopular opinion: the best copywriters are not creative.

The best copywriters are research-led in everything they write. You can’t speak to your ideal customer without first knowing everything there is to know about them, your niche, and your competition.

Sure, being a good writer is important. But the best copy will be grounded in solid research.

So, are you convinced yet?

A good copywriter is an investment in your business that will deliver returns over and over.


  • Save you time

  • Provide an outside perspective of your business

  • Are writing chameleons when it comes to brand voice

  • Can find your businesses’ unique selling point

  • Improve your SEO through quality content (and up-to-date SEO tactics)

  • Sell without being salesy

  • Thrive on research

Still not sure if you really need a copywriter? I offer awesome free discovery calls where we hone in on optimising your copy for your audience and answer any questions you might have about copywriting.

There are limited spaces available, so get in touch today to find out about availability.

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