Stephanie Wilson - Freelance Copywriter

Hi! I'm Steph

Here's how I can help you

I craft copy that connects you to your audience through the perfect customer experience, building a loyal customer base that return to your brand again and again.

Growing up in a Bed and Breakfast (greeting guests before I could even see over the front desk!) means customer service is in my blood and I know how to interact with people from across a variety of backgrounds.

A passion for extreme sports has given me the diligence to research, be prepared, and be flexible for anything that is thrown my way.

Add in several years working in commercial property sector, and this translates to a copy experience that covers all bases, and puts your audience front and centre, with a professional service for you and your customer.

On a more personal note

Hailing from the Land of the Great White Cloud (A.K.A. New Zealand), at 21 I packed my bags and headed to the UK where I have been living ever since. Finally settling in green (read: wet) Cheshire, you’ll find me doing yoga, learning French, and escaping the rain when I can to snowboard in the winter and kitesurf in the summer.

If you’re interested in working with me, get in touch and we can chat about expanding your businesses potential with great copywriting.


I create copy that your audience wants to read, and will keep them coming back for more.

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